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Family on the Internet – The Tate Girls

We were a family of four. Three girls and a boy. Way back then, when we were little folks, people seemed to refer to us girls as “the Tate girls”. At this time, we are all over 60! And still, I hear people say “the Tate girls”. Of course, I had to create a lens about that! Everything is a subject for a lens these days!

If you would like to see us all 3, go to The Tate Girls I think you will enjoy visiting with us!

And talking about the Tate family, remember the other week, I told you that my lens about my mom’s Congo Square Recipewon the Charity Virtual Bake sale and Lens of the day? Well that recipe came straight from our treasured family cookbook. So I created another lens about How to Make Your Family Cookbook !

It’s been a family creation weekend. Do stop by for a visit! and leave a note! I love to know you were there — like when you visit someone who is not at home — or back in the old days that’s what you did — leave a note. Thank you!