About Joan Adams

I am a happy grandma with two beautiful grandchildren and two happily married children. We have been married over 43 years. This is indeed the best part of life! I am having fun learning to write and publish on line. I enjoy The Secret, Law of Attraction, and anything written by Pat O’Bryan or Joe Vitale. I am learning Second Life and discovering that virtual world. Life is an adventure, for sure!



5 responses to “About Joan Adams

  1. I saw that second life. I don’t know what to think about it. Is it cool?

    p.s. I thought we would be giant squids by today.
    Heard anything?

  2. Second Life is really cool. You need to know some folks before you go, I think. Just so you have a place to visit “from”.
    I will be happy to meet you out there sometime and show you the little bit I know. I have danced in the tower of London, and took a boat ride around Scotland, and swam with the dolphins. It’s all great fun, but easy to become a time-waster if you are not careful. I rarely get out there anymore. lol

    pacing the floor re Giant Squid. I hope we hear today- one way or the other!

  3. Joan, check out my website hub about twittylinks. You can join for free and it helps you brand yourself on your tweets. It automatically adds a temp toolbar with your picture and your homepage.

    I already shared with Squidoo friends, Evelyn, Chef Keem, Julie and You!!

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