The Delight of a Child!

Our granddaughter, who is 6 years old and starting first grade this year, yelled for me to come to her — “Joan-Joan, come quick, come quick!” and of course I hurried to the living room!
“Look at my feet! look at my feet!”
I said, “what’s wrong with your feet?”
She said, “I can sit on the couch and they touch the floor now!”
What a thrill! Everything is an adventure!
Oh, that we would retain that enthusiasm for life! Today I choose to be more enthusiastic about every little detail of my life!


One response to “The Delight of a Child!

  1. I am not quite 60 and rather than grand-daughter, I have a daughter who is 5 – the joy on their face for even the smallest achievements is what makes parenting so special.

    I have 5 girls under six, as a second time around parent, this time I actually take time to watch their little achievements. Even with number five, when you would think, been there already, it is still a joy to watch.

    les – mature aged dad

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