Hooray! Lens of the Day!

I am so excited! My squidoo lens http://www.squidoo.com/congo-squares was lens of the day on Monday of this week and it also received a special Squid Angel blessing! What fun!

Congo Squares are simply a cookie that my mama used to make when we were kids. It is squishy, chewy square similar to a brownie, light-colored and filled with chocolate chips and pecans. Hmmmmmmm good! Nothing better with a glass of cold milk or a cup of coffee!

My sister, Nancy, started creating Squidoo lenses in the past couple of weeks, and one of her lenses also received a Squid Angel blessing! http://www.squidoo.com/pendleton-photos The funny thing was we both ended up featured on the Squid Angel diary of this particular angel — at the same time! We don’t even live in the same town! I wonder what the odds are for such a thing to happen!

We both feel very special this week and are so thankful for this support of our efforts!


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