Kate Loving Shenk on Z Point

If you have been reading this blog long, you know I am a huge fan of Kate Loving Shenk. Her spiritual wisdom always touches my heart. And today, once again, I am sharing a recent article from her — with her permission, of course. I am weekly blessed to be in a Master Mind group with Kate and Laura — both wonderful people and such a blessing to my life!

Z Is For Z Point
Posted by Kate Loving Shenk on July 18, 2008 at 10:30am

One of my fellow Abundant Babe Master Mind Members offered to do
a Z point session with me by telephone last week. Her name is Laura
Whitelaw, EFT and Zpoint website, and soon to be Z point practitioner and author of
Resume Writing Strategies Revealed

I decided not to do any research on this energy healing method for
clearing old residual patterns and dysfunctional emotions that stymie
progress along the pathway to Self-Realization.

I doubted it would make much sense until I had the session, anyway.

The only thing I did know about it was that the people who practice Z point
also use EFT as an adjunct. My Master Mind partner said that depending
on her mood, she’ll do either EFT or Z point to clear her energy. The beauty
of Z point is that you can do it without anyone knowing but with EFT, you
have to duck into a bathroom or empty room to do it, unless you don’t care
one whit what people think of you as you tap upon designated pressure
points on your face and chest that act as a clearing of your energy field.

People swear by this deceptively simple method of energy healing.

I think Z point goes well with the practice of Ho’oponopono because both
practices are done silently, but healing your own perceptions, in the process.

The night of our session, I was feeling tired from night work and the crazy
circadian rhythm imbalance that sometimes results and is worse at unpredictable times.
The symptoms of this is out of control feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion,
and knee jerk reactions to people who get on my nerves who may not have done
anything at all but my perceptions place my entire biology into flight of fight
by something said or not said.

So the Z point session came at the perfect time.

I drove to a beautiful old Sycamore tree on my property and parked under it.
As I tuned into the tree, I noted a whole ecosystem that surrounded it. Bird
life abounded, bunnies scurried here and there, and a black cat emerged from
under the tree and trotted across the grass.

Lightening bugs lit up every branch and leaf, a solstice in mid-summer.

The session began with a hypnotic statement that suggested that I would
choose a “cue word” that I could use in the future to find peace of mind within
my psyche, and that my subconscious mind would always receive the cue word
with resultant relaxation in every cell and atom of the body when I inwardly
say the word or choose to say it out loud.

Laura Whitelaw asked me to define exactly what it was I wanted to work on.

I decided I wanted to move freely among people without ever having to worry what
state of mind they happen to be in, whether they like or dislike me, and I
never wanted to be effected by negative vibes–ever again.

So we moved through the process.

I chose the word “tree” as my cue word.

Perfect! because now I tune into every tree I see and when I close my eyes, I see
the old Sycamore where Laura and I held the Z point session.

In fact, I feel like a tree. I feel nourished by the grass beneath my feet
and the beautiful clouds passing by my branches, and feel refreshed by the rain
that pours forth from the heavens above.

So this cue word serves my purposes very well.

Laura took me through a series of hypnotic statements after which I inwardly
said, “tree, tree, tree.”

By the end of the session, I felt so relaxed that I immediately went to bed and slept
better than I have for a very long time.

As the week progressed, I remembered to say my word many times. Every time I
thought the word tree, immediately a thoughtless quiet lulled over my being.

The day after the session, I received an email communication from Yoga Nurse, Annette
Tersigni, who said she wants to go on the Oprah show and discuss ways of saving the nursing
profession. She wanted to know if I would join her?

I immediately said I would.

Now we must manifest this idea into reality and after Z point, I believe there are no
boundaries except the ones the mind creates.

Yoga Nurse had a previous career in Show Business and was a Mighty Carson Art
Player on the Johnny Carson show many years ago.

She retired from show biz and became a nurse who believes that healing
the mind is the first step to healing the world.

Naturally we were drawn to one another magnetically by the beautiful internet community
that brings so many of us into a Karmic realization of past close affiliations
and lifetimes.

Another eve at work, I found myself sitting next to a woman who has successfully
alienated every nurse on the unit due to her impatience with inexperience or “wrong”

I silently chanted my word, “tree,” and was in a profound state of relaxation.

Suddenly we got into a spiritual/religious discussion lasting several hours, on and
off, as we tended to our patients. Others were drawn to us too, and a healing was taking
place right before our eyes–a healing of our Labor and Delivery Unit.

Z point very quickly gets me into a mind set whereby I see clearly the conditions
that previously appeared miserable now appear auspicious. As I get clear with my word,
I see every challenge or so-called problem as a good sign and is actually
fortunate because these situations open the great potential for
peace and happiness.

Z point transforms thought and allows me to guard my attitude as a mother
protects her newborn babe.

My mind is the last refuge I truly have.

Let it only be a refuge of joy and peace.

Kate Loving Shenk

Nursing Career Transformation


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  1. Moon & Mooie: You two are a beautiful pair! I have not yet met Laura but I must! Thank you so much….the three of you, for the work you do for others, and the combination of you. Abundant Babe Masters: Awesome Team!

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