Be alert!

We just witnessed a robbery! I am so mad I am sputtering! My husband and I went downtown to the produce market. I don’t mean some remote place — the middle of our city – in a large Public parking lot. The farmers park their trucks there and sell fresh local produce. There was only one truck left. Everyone else had gone home. We bought a cantelope and some tomatos, and were standing there chatting. A young man walked up, asked the seller if he had any plums. He said no, but he would have some Monday. I made a simple comment, that we would be back Monday, too. Suddenly, before I even registered what had happened, the young man had gone around behind the seller, reached in his pocket, grabbed his roll of cash from the day’s sales, and took off running. A couple of ladies in a nearby car (I think they must have been stopped at the redlight), chased the young man. They came back and told us he had changed his shirt as he ran (He had an extra shirt tucked down in his jeans!) and they reported what street he was running on. We relayed that information to the police (by now we were on the cell phone to the police department).

Why am I blogging about this? First because I am so mad!! Imagine the hours that gentleman had spent in the fields taking care of his crops! Then he had stood in the parking lot all morning to sell them. If the child had been hungry and grabbed a cantelope or something, I would probably not be as angry! But to plan and execute such a thing infuriates me!

What is the lesson? Be aware. No matter where you are, be aware. This kind of thing happens on television, not in our town, right? Wrong. We just saw it happen. I am still shaking. Look around you when you are shopping. Take care of yourself and protect yourself and your family. Whew!


4 responses to “Be alert!

  1. That’s a good lesson for anyone. I feel bad for the seller and hope they catch the guy.

  2. Wow, the poor victim, he must have been just as shocked as you were. My husband saw the same type of thing in a San Francisco coffee shop once. We were sitting there (at the NAR meetings) and suddenly a young man came in grabbed the tip jar, which was full, broke the glass and ran off with the cash. At least the workers still had the days’ wages.

  3. OMG! This is so sad to read. I can’t imagine how much time and effort the farmer/merchant put into earning his cash only to have some punk rip him off. I hope they catch the creep!

  4. I recently witnessed shoplifting at the WalMart in Central. Rushing to find a security person, I found that they were already aware and, fortunately, the shoplifter was led away in handcuffs! The prices we all pay are increased by these low-lifes, and it makes me furious that they believe if they want it, they should just take it!

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