Personal Crisis? Here are 5 Spiritual Solutions

If you are “frozen”, stymied, or stuck with a problem, you probably want a simple solution. Do not sit and muddle your problems over and over. Do something! Action breeds action. Try one or all of these methods:

1. Write a letter to your angels. If you are worried or concerned about a particular loved one, write a letter to their angel. Simply start your letter “Dear Susie’s angel” or “Dear Jacob’s angel”. Then pour out your heart. State the situation, your feelings about it, and ask for angelic help. When your letter is ready, put it in a special place — in the back of your Bible, on your prayer alter, under a small angel figurine. Simply stating your problem, and placing it in the hands of the angelic hosts will relieve you.

2. Find a friend. Surround yourself with positive people. Do not sit alone. If you belong to a prayer group or a Master Mind group, that is even better. There are many different types of Master Mind groups on line. Find one that suits your needs and relish that support. A good forum can also be a strong support system.

3. Make an imaging book. This is the most effective prayer technique I have ever used. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale introduced me to the concept of imaging in his book Dynamic Imaging. Catherine Ponder talks about it, The Secret talks about it, Simple Abundance talks about it — in fact, tons of people are talking about it — your imaging book, your imaging posters, your wheel of fortune. Some use a poster board, some use a book, some use a journal. I have made imaging posters, and I have even made file folders with my imaging pictures inside. Cut out pictures and words from magazines, or use real pictures.
I have had some exciting results with this prayer method over the years. It is as if somehow by creating the pages, we create a mental picture of what we want and impress it upon our subconscious minds — and the universe lines things up to make it happen. One of the most important by-products of the pages for me is on a daily level — if I catch myself with negative thoughts about someone or something, I immediately “see” the picture on my imaging page. It just makes that mental transition from worry to release about 10 times faster!!!!

4. Find a suitable affirmation and repeat it at least 20 times a day — whenever your concern pops up in your mind. Give your problem a positive affirmation. It will relieve your mind to do so. An affirmation is just a positive prayer. For example, if a loved one is suffering an illness, you can repeat, “Susie, you are whole, well and free”. In other words, you are knowing and believing in your heart of faith that Susie is healthy and you are picturing her healthy in your prayers. There are thousands of affirmations on line. I am sure you can find one to fit your problem.

5. Let it go. You now have an action plan. You are doing everything you can. Let go and let God. Release the entire problem. Your worry simply makes things worse. Remind yourself that you have already released this issue, and get busy doing something else.


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