Spring is Coming!

“Look, Joan-Joan, look what I found! Isn’t it beautiful?” My 6 y/o granddaughter had found a daffodil in the back yard. I said, “Oh yes, it is very beautiful.  The daffodil is telling us that spring is coming!”  Jessica immediately jumped up and down and up and down and up and down shouting “spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming!” Is there anything more delightful than the totally honest enthusiasm of a 6 year old?

Dear God in Heaven, make me enthusiastic as Jessica! I am thankful for the seasons and I love, love spring and always have. This year, I will not only enjoy it, I will celebrate with enthusiasm! I think maybe the next time Jessica is here, we will get out my mama’s little tea set and have ourselves a real “Southern lady tea party” to celebrate the coming of spring. As Jannelle Kleppin recommends in Banish the Blahs, perhaps I will cut the peanut butter sandwiches in fun shapes with no crust. Yes, we will celebrate!!!! Welcome, Spring!


2 responses to “Spring is Coming!

  1. I just wrote this the other day about spring:

    Actually I LOVE Spring…especially after living in the Colorado Mountains for a good portion of my life!

    In places like Vail, spring skiing was THE BEST! Sunshine,warmth, picnics and parties on the mountain. And the promise of green, an explosion of color in the thousands of flowers that would be planted. But as opposed to spring springing upon us quickly as it does in Pueblo, In Vail it was almost a cruel teaser because first came the closure of great skiing (they would usually close the mountain with plenty of great days left on the slopes).

    Then would come a month or so of mud season. THE pristine white would be just a memory. The melting snow
    would unveil the ravages, waste and putrid smell of people and animals. Dirty brown snow and mud puddles overtook the landscape and if you were lucky and had no kids in school, you could hit the favorites spots like houseboating in Lake Powel or mountain biking at Moab! If you weren’t lucky, you lived in your rubber Sorrel boots and counted the days to the 4th of July, since that was the official kickoff of summer.

    That’s when the magic happened, when the thousands of annuals would be planted in every nook and cranny in an attempt to sooth the eyes from all the white and brown of the other 9 months of the year. That’s when the gorgeous spring green would tip the branches of all the fur trees and the aspen leaves would start their dances in the wind. You could almost taste the green of the grass…especially on the golf courses so prevelent.

    But even as GORGEOUS and ACTION FILLED as the summers were in the Rockies, the one thing I missed the most as a native of Pueblo were the warm spring and summer nights we have here. I longed to wear shorts and tshirts and sit out on the deck or go for a stroll, but as the sun went down, so did the warmth in the air.

    As much asI miss what the Rockies had to offer, the weather we have in my home town is the envy of people around the world. Sure we have hot summers, but no humidity. Spring is most enjoyable here…no mud. Fall is
    fabulous…especially at chile roasting time!

    We have a GREAT place to live …if only we had a more business friendly economy!

  2. Wow, Debbie! Beautiful comment. I can almost “see” spring in Colorado! Thank you!

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