Laughter! It’s Healing and Fun!

Recently I have been involved in several discussions about laughter and its importance in our lives. For several weeks now, I have been tracking myself — just to be sure I laugh at least once a day. And of course, the more I think about laughter, the more laughter I seem to attract.

For many years, my husband has sent out penny valentines to his friends – from their old high school or college girlfriends. For the last couple of days the phone is ringing with people laughing about their valentines or complaining that they have not received theirs yet this year. It is definitely a quirky crazy thing to do — especially as the cost of postage increases every year, it seems. But the important thing here is the number of laughs and smiles created by the simple little practical joke.

Is it possible for me to make someone laugh today? I think in addition to tracking my laughter, I will also see if I can create a few smiles or giggles along the way. Now where did I put my sense of humor?


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