Antiques and Family

With all my efforts to declutter in my senior years, I am fascinated with a recent collection of family things inherited by my husband. As we sort though books back to the 1800’s, I have particularly enjoyed notes written in front of books, homework stuck in the pages, and signatures. One of the biggest thrills yesterday was a little book of Christmas stories — and a note from my husband’s grandfather in beautiful script. It said something like “Read this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.” He had signed his name. It is a treasure. My husband is seventy years old, so you can well imagine the years that have passed since his grandfather wrote that note. I can just see him settled back in a rocker, a young family man, reading that book just before the holiday season, and hoping others who follow will read and enjoy. It brings to mind the messages we are leaving for our future great great grandchildren. What could I write that they would enjoy that many years into the future? How can I send my future descendants a gift now when they are not even part of this world yet? I am open to your ideas. Please post your thoughts.


5 responses to “Antiques and Family

  1. Hey Joan! Don’t you just love finding neat things like this. I want to start putting some things away as well. I kind of have started already. I have a little box that I am leaving important magazines, newspapers, etc. in. Like the death of Princess Diana…she was the cover of people magazine…saving it along with others like it. I also plan to save some of the upcoming presidential things. When they look back and see a cover with “First Lady president” or whatever might happen…..that will be so interesting in 50 years.

  2. Oh yes, Heather! and great that you are saving already! Be sure to put some things in there in your handwriting. how much you love watching the girls grow up, etc…….how much you adore them………Monica’s mom wrote a wonderful list describing everything Monica did at about the age of 18 months or two. that is a true treasure. Journal whenever you can. Your girls will love that when they are grown. and get your parents to put notes in writing,too. treasures for sure!

  3. hi joan–I’ve been laughing hilariously everyday ever since a Fed-Ex truck almost became a permanent fixture on my front lawn.

    One prayer to the angels released the wheels, and the driver drove out of my driveway and broke down out on the road!!

    And this experience has helped my Mirth Quotient!!!

    Love to you,

    Kate Loving Shenk

  4. Hey Joan. I don’t get much of a chance to keep up with your musings, but I love to sit down when I do have a few minutes and peruse through. I felt that I had to comment on this particular one. You are already leaving a beatiful legacy with this. These are your thoughts and feelings. How awesome is that! Every once and in a while I will come across a doodle my mom drew, she loved to doodle on everything, or a note she scribbled in a hurry on the way out the door. These are my small treasures from my mom. I only wish she had done something like this. Just keep up what you are doing and you will be remembered many, many, many years.
    Lots of Love,

  5. Thank you, Bev! That is sooooo encouraging to hear! I do want my children and grandchildren to remember what I thought/felt about things and how very much I love each one of them!
    I know what you mean about your mom’s notes — I found a page of a Sunday School lesson my dad had taught — just one little page on a tiny notepad, but it was his handwriting, and that became one of my treasures, too! Handwritten notes and lists even — I have notes where Mama had written down our shots and there were 4 of us kids………..Everything becomes a treasure, for sure!
    One of my favorites is Mama’s diary the year she met our dad. She mentions meeting him and then every day after that, the only word scrawled across each page is Happy! Happy! Happy! Page after page!!! You can almost feel their love through those pages!
    Again, many thanks for your reading and encouragement! I appreciate it so very much!

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