Second Life Fun

Have you tried Second Life yet?   Last night my friend, Magic Becky, transported me to a little bar in Scotland.   When I arrived, I was told we were having a celebration for a Portable Empire member who had experienced her first on-line sales success!  There were about six of us there.  First, we danced!  It was so much fun!  Especially after I learned — once again — how to hear the music!  Becky is such a good teacher!  And oh, it is so much easier to dance in a virtual world.  Even Becky’s little dog danced along with her!  Perfect rhythm, perfect moves!  Next we rode the bull!  Now, in real life, I would never ever attempt such a thing — but that is what Second Life is all about — living in a virtual world where anything can happen!  I did not last  long on the bull, but it was great fun and the group cheered for each one who tried it!  Dr. Code was there too.  He took us for a ride in his big boat.  The boat got stuck between regions, so we transferred to another boat, and rode home.

Come join us on Second Life!  Most of the time we are at Pat O’Bryan’s Portable Empire headquarters.  We visit and talk about our on line businesses.  But there is always the chance of a surprise visit to another location for nothing but the pure fun of it!  Last week I even rode on a dolphin one evening!   Take a happy break!  Visit Second Life!


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