The Burning Bowl

For many years, our little Unity group has held a Burning Bowl service for the New Year.  We spend a few moments reflecting on things we do not want to take into the New Year and we write those on a piece of paper.

Then we write our Letter to God, a letter of thanksgiving and requests for the New Year.  The letters are individually sealed, stamped, and self-addressed. We will receive our own letters in the mail sometime next November.  It is always interesting to see what has happened over the year — and what we were thinking at the beginning of the year.

Then we go outside, and in a big bowl with a lit candle, burn the lists of things we are releasing and not taking into the New Year.  We always end our services in a circle, holding hands, singing the peace song.  I am so thankful for my little Unity study group.

It’s always such a powerful service for me.   I pray that the New Year will be a time of releasing unnecessary things in your life — like anger and hate and resentment, and opening your heart to God’s Abundant Good!   Happy New Year!


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