My Obituary

I quickly scanned the paper yesterday as I poured my coffee — and there it was — my name in the local obits!   A really spooky thing!  I quickly pinched myself.  Yep.  Still here.   Someone else with my name and my age had died. 

Despite its spookiness, it did give me cause to ponder — as I am apt to do anyway.  What if it had been me?  What about all my unfinished projects?  My little electronic workbook in progress?  Have I been spending my time doing the things I want to do?   What about that huge stack of papers I still have not gone through? 

After a bit of reflection, I decided that yes, I am spending my time doing the things I love — I still enjoy my husband’s company and we laugh together often, I play with our delightful grandchildren, enjoy our adult children on the phone and when they pop in and out of the house, I am writing — even though it is not yet on line, I have dear and precious friends, and I still have two dear sisters on this earth with me and a couple of very special cousins.  I am blessed indeed.   Life at this age is really quite nice — I think my 60’s are my happiest years yet. 

and best of all, I am alive and well to enjoy it.  I am thankful!  Treasure the moments!


5 responses to “My Obituary

  1. Hi Joane,

    I am a member of WIM/ning, where you just became a new member.I clicked on the link you had on that site to read your blog.

    I do like your post here and I can relate to you as an other Baby Boomer.

    I like how you describes your Richness and how you enjoy your family and friends and the things in your live.

    I hope your membership at WIM will make you “richer” also on other fields of life. I think we can learn a lot there.

    Deana Wilmink-Martina (The Netherlands

  2. Thank you, Deana. I am having a wonderful time learning all of this new internet business. it is quite an adventure. I am looking forward to getting to know you. j

  3. Wow Joan… just saw this post (linked over from Pat’s blog) that *is* an amazing gift! You certainly crafted a magickal lesson for yourself, to experience your “death” while being here still.

    It’s a profound and rare gift, full of yet undiscovered insights (I read what you wrote, which only is one level of insight) that will continue to reveal themselves to you if you allow them to via reflection on this event.

    Enjoy this magickal time of year!

    In Gratitude and Joy!


  4. wow, joan–a beautiful peek into the unknown.

    thank you for sharing!!

  5. Glad it wasn’t you Joan.

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