Aren’t most people honest?

Last evening, my daughter-in-law, Monica,  and her friend, Michelle, took all of their children to the local Christmas parade.  The children range in age from 4 months to six years old.  They had a grand time, but as they were getting everyone back to the cars, Michelle noticed that her digital camera had fallen from the stroller basket.  They searched and searched and could not find it in the dark.  Monica came and got us and while Poppy sat in the car with the children, Monica and I searched with flashlights.  No luck.  Monica and I reminded each other to “cover it in pink” so the angels could help us find it.  We are choosing to believe that some honest soul picked it up and will return it to the church near where they were sitting.  The camera has many pictures of the new baby that cannot be replaced.  So this morning, I am wondering what percentage of the American public is honest?  I want to believe it is over 80%.  One report I read on line said 50%.  I hope that is not correct.  I am going to “image” that camera found and returned.  Will you join me in that?


5 responses to “Aren’t most people honest?

  1. Hi Joan,

    A few months back, In the course of a couple hours I watched my husband just being himself- while we were grocery shopping, he helped someone find something they lost in the store, then while standing in line he noticed a man dropped some of his cash on the ground, he called out to him and let him know. The man’s smile was infectious and rewarding.

    On the way out of the store, another man left part of his groceries on the rack underneath the grocery cart- my husband let him know and got a friendly smile and “thank you”. When we got home, my husband realized that his wallet was missing. He used to have a habit of driving with his wallet on his lap and figured it must have dropped out on the parking lot when he got into the car. He cancelled his credit and debit card and braced himself for the trip to DMV for a new license, the potential identity theft etc. that can come with losing a wallet.

    The next morning he got a phone call at work from a man who found his wallet in the parking lot and found my husband’s business card inside. My husband picked it up from the man with everything intact, all cash, cards etc. The person that found it didn’t want to accept a reward, but my dear husband finally got him to take it–so yes, I do think most of us are honest. After all, I once left my purse on the back of a door at DisneyWorld and got it back at lost and found–with not a penny missing. =) Thinking positively for your camera!

  2. Great story! Thank you for posting! Give your hubby a special hug from us all! (and he owes you a big hug for telling his great story!) Keep spreading happy news!

  3. Did you get your camera, yet??

  4. Just reading this today. Yes, I’ll join you in imaging the camera found and returned. On a once in a lifetime trip to Italy, I lost my digital camera in Venice. I laid it down in the restroom for just a minute, and it was gone. What a horrible feeling. Venice was near the end of our trip and all the special places we had seen and shared on this trip were recorded on that camera.
    Thanks to sympathetic fellow travelers some of the memories were shared by them with us from their cameras. However, those special when we wandered off on our own were gone. I’ve often wondered if the person who picked up my camera ever looked at the pictures and wondered who we were or even cared? I hope Michelle will have her camera returned to her. Since it happened here in her hometown, maybe the person will look at the pictures and realize how special they are and return the camera. It is Christmas. There is hope, isn’t there?

  5. Thank you, Linda. People continue to ask about the camera — and like you, I continue to have hope. It’s Christmastime! Anything is possible!

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