My Little Flashlight

I am writing my first e-books. What a learning experience! Every time I think I have the first one ready, I find out I must learn something new. When I started, I read an uplifting article that said you could walk across the USA in the dark with just a flashlight — going a few steps at a time. So I mentally grabbed a flashlight and told myself that I would take this project one step at a time. Each day I try to move forward with things I know to do. Sometimes I seem to receive Divine Inspiration on what to write. Sometimes I receive an e-mail or a phone call that gives me the next step. On other days, I will receive encouragement to continue. And somehow it is happening. Most of the time I feel really in the dark about what I am doing, and yet…… little flashlight keeps leading the way. I am learning. I am growing. It is an adventure! My first free e-book should be available within a week or two. You will also be noticing some changes in this blog — we may even change location. So be aware!

and if you have an “impossible” task ahead of you, I’ll be glad to share my flashlight!


3 responses to “My Little Flashlight

  1. kate loving shenk

    hi joan–

    i like your way of doing and being. you are tuned in and the next right thing appears through inspired rhythm and flow!!

    you rock!!

    kate loving shenk

  2. Looks great, sis. You are so smart. I am impressed.
    Love you, Nan

  3. You share your flashlight with everyone, my dear–you are indeed a blessing!!

    love kate moo

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