A Delightfully Magic Afternoon

Saturday afternoon, the grands came to visit. Jessica is 5 years old and Zachary is 4 years old. They were immediately attracted to our front yard which is filled with bright yellow leaves. Jessica made leaf bouquets, and Zach set about making leaf piles. Within a few minutes, both of them were running and jumping into the pile of leaves. Grandpa (Poppy) soon joined them and within minutes, he was lying face down on the ground and the children were covering him with leaves. Then they all took turns covering each other and jumping out of the leaves like a jack-in-the-box! I saw little Jessica press a leaf against her cheek in absolute love and appreciation. What a beautiful sight! A picture of fall blessings! I watched and grinned from the front porch. Is there anything more joyous than happy children playing with nature’s gifts? Children seem to know instinctively how to play in nature’s bounty. Leaves, snow, beach sand — all provided, it seems, for children’s play. The activity is the same, whatever the season — pile it up, pick it up, roll in it, make a hill, jump on it –I can imagine children around the world play exactly the same way, don’t you think?

I am thankful to live in a part of the world that allows all four seasons — and especially thankful for the joy and laughter of children. Have you noticed the awesome colors of the leaves this year?

Have a gloriously happy Thanksgiving Day and remember the Thanksgiving blessing that is posted here–just in case you need it. and as always, I am so thankful for you all!


One response to “A Delightfully Magic Afternoon

  1. My goodness that sounds like such fun. Playing in the leaves was one thing I loved to do as a kid. I think I will recreate some memories soon with my two. Thanks!!

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