Thanksgiving Blessing

Our first Thanksgiving after our brother’s death in 1988, my sister gave this blessing to us. We have all treasured it since and would like to share with you now. Nancy found it in an old Ideals magazine that mom had kept. I hope it will mean as much to you as it does to us.

Grace for Thanksgiving Day
Alice Kennelly Roberts

Dear God, wherever we may be
On this Thanksgiving Day
Gathered with loved ones in our homes
Or many miles away–
We bow our heads, remembering those
Who shared Thanksgiving past
Those who have walked with us awhile
Whose love will always last.
We thank Thee for the joy of friends,
The food before us set
And for a tiny Pilgrim band
Whose trials we can’t forget.
Help us to sift the good and bad,
The hatred and the strife.
Grant us the wisdom and the strength
To lead a useful life. Amen.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving Blessing

  1. I have shared our “thanksgiving prayer” with many friends and the response is always the same. It just seems to say everything that needs to be said. Thank you for adding to your blog.
    Love you lots, Nan

  2. and just think, it would not be here at all unless you had found it! and you are right, it always blesses anyone who reads it! Again, thank you, Sister!

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