Laughter and Dear Friends

We had company this weekend — Margie and Billy, our dear friends, probably our oldest friends. We met in 1970 when we moved to Wagener, SC. We always enjoy their company – relaxed and easy for all of us — old friends are such a treasure.
I was thinking though, of my last visit to their home. It was in the summer. My sister and I had attended a nephew’s wedding near Wagener. As I rode through town, remembering our days of living there, over and over I was reminded of laughter. In those days, it seems, we laughed a lot — a whole lot! I remember laughing at Granny Ruby’s kitchen table; I remember laughing in the churchyard at the Baptist Church; we laughed at Linna Sue’s house and we laughed at Listene’s house and we laughed at my house and we laughed at Mary Dale’s beauty shop. Wherever we went, we laughed. One time, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Margie and I laughed so hard we were literally rolling in the floor, hollering, crying we were laughing so hard. Maybe it was because we were all so young and life did not seem as serious. I am not sure of the reasons why — but oh, how I cherish those days of laughter! That’s really important stuff– to laugh hard and laugh often. I think I don’t do that enough anymore! I am resolving right now to do better.
One of the “bedtime” books that I read to the grandchildren says “what happened today to make you laugh?” I think I will start asking myself that question each night. Want to join me in that??


2 responses to “Laughter and Dear Friends

  1. kate loving shenk

    i don’t think i laugh enough either.

    well, i will concentrate on doing better in this realm of beautiful activities.

  2. In my pre-acting profession I was a very serious alternative health practitioner. I was always telling my clients how important it was to de-stress their lives and to laugh more. One day I just woke up and realized that I was not marching to the beat of my own drum. I started affirming my intention to be happy and fulfilled in all that I do. It was at that point that my life took off in a completely different direction. I now have a job where I make hundreds of people laugh every night. Wow! How healing that is for everyone. Yes laughter is critical to our happiness – and health. So, I am continuing my healing work but in a much different way than I ever would have imagined. Let’s vow to laugh more and harder every chance we get. :-}

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