A Little Education

If you are new to blogging and reading blogs, you might wonder “What is all the stuff on the right hand column?” On my blog, you will notice several squares with my picture and “I am a member of”. These are called nings. They are social networking sites and fun to read and fun to join. Anytime you want to visit one of the nings, simply click on my picture and you will be taken to the site. After you visit a few, you might want to create a ning of your own. It’s all free. Give it a try!

You will also notice listings of other blogs. When you look at another blog listed under Blogosphere, then my blog will be shown in someone else’s blogosphere. This is a great help to me increasing readers. And there is some great information there.

The Blogroll listing is a list of blogs from folks who are taking the Portable Empire course with me from Pat O’Bryan. I have found these folks to be of the highest integrity, and I think you would enjoy visiting their blogs.

and so your inspiration note today is an urge to explore and learn on the Internet. More of this later. and again and again, Thank you for reading my blog. I am learning and having fun expressing myself on line. I appreciate YOU!


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