Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog: Meme (Blogger Tag) About Lynda Part 1

Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog: Meme (Blogger Tag) About Lynda Part 1

Here are the simplified, combined rules:
1. Post the rules before you give the facts.
2. Link to the person/people who tagged you.
3. Share eight facts about yourself.
4. At the end of your post, tag five people and list their names with links.
5. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!
6. Lisa added her own rule to the end, which I like: “If I tag you and you don’t want to participate, no worries, no pressure.”

Eight facts about me:
1. I am trying to cut back smoking, so today I am a little irritable!
2. I am a Newbie to all of this internet business, and am learning more every day than I ever thought I could.
3. I visited a virtual island last night. A real first time experience. It is part of Pat O’Bryan’s Portable Empire, where I am a student! It was great fun to meet all the folks there! (Of course I took a dunk in the ocean on the way to the island, and still am not quite sure how I finally arrived in the right place.) I learned how to fly, too! And a new friend gave me a virtual typewriter and I figured out how to wear it, so when I chatted, I was not typing into the air. What fun! Second Life. Amelia Island. Portable Empire. An education for sure!
4. I am working on my first e-book, which will be 5 Methods of Experiential Prayer. At least today that is the title. lol
5. I am a grandma and I love the role!!! More than I ever imagined!!! What precious grandchildren I have! I could write a book about the two of them!
6. I am a proud parent — with two wonderful adult kids who have both married folks I love and adore! What a blessing that is!!!!!!
7. I am celebrating 43 years of happy marriage tomorrow, Halloween Day. I am married to a practical joker, who is legally blind, who keeps everything moving at a happy pace around here! He is a serious golfer and will co-author my next e-book – which I think will be “Golf Lessons from a Blind Golfer”
8. I am thankful, grateful, for a surprise in my mailbox today — a book from my cousin — Louise Hay’s Gratitude, A way of Life! What a wonderful surprise to find in my mailbox. I do so love good news in the mailbox!


2 responses to “Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog: Meme (Blogger Tag) About Lynda Part 1

  1. Cool! And don’t forget, if you can you should tag 5 others by linking to them in this blog and then leaving comments on their blogs like I did on yours.


  2. Your Portable Empire

    Hi Joan! I found your blog because I was checking google alerts for any posts about Pat O’bryan’s book Your Portable Island and his place in second life Portable Empire Island. Here is another tip for you if you want to get the word out about your products and/or ever need a document, form or template!

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    Another great feature of the site is that you can upload a chapter of your ebook to promote them for free !

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