Our web site

Fun Family Reunions or 3 Wise Women — whatever it ends up being, it is the new website of my sister, Betty, my friend, Debbie and me. If you would like to take a look, and visit with us a while, please do. http://www.freewebs.com/funfamilyreunion
The first thing you will see is a forum for family reunions. Oh, how happy we would be if you added some ideas to that. If you have never participated in forums, ours is a great one to learn on. The forum police are not watching. lol Just add an idea or two. You will soon find yourself loving the forum idea and exchanging ideas with other folks who have reunions to plan!

Debbie will soon be educating us on floral essences, a subject that intrigues me greatly. My daughter-in-love uses them and has had great success with those! I hope you will read and learn with Debbie.

We will all have input from time to time, so mark the site, participate in the forum, and join us as we learn more about the internet and family reunions! See ya there!


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