Family Celebrations

We attended my nephew’s wedding last weekend. The wedding was about three hours from here, so we stayed in a friend’s beach house. My sister stayed there with us as did our daughter and my brother’s widow and her husband. My younger sister was the mother of the groom, and we visited with her as we prepared for the rehearsal dinner. My stepsister and her children were at the wedding and it was fun to see them. Of course, her oldest, like mine, is forty years old. I was struck with “where did it go?” Time passes so fast. I used to hear old people say that and thought it was really stupid thing to say, but oh, it is so true.

But that’s not the point today. The point is the importance of family celebrations, weddings, reunions, even funerals. We reconnect with our roots during such events and there is a sense of wholeness about it all. So if you have a young family at this point, celebrate everything — an A on a test, a winning game, a goal met, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween. Celebrate completion of potty training. Celebrate the first day of school. Celebrate life with your family! Streamers, a cake and a few songs can turn an ordinary day into a celebration. Celebrations contribute to family unity; when the children are older, and the “real” celebrations–like marriages and babies being born, maybe the children will reflect on those earlier celebrations with you.

Oh, and by the way, you can have a celebration of your own today — what would you like to celebrate? Today we are finally getting some rain! I am thankful! Perhaps I will find a way to have a little 5 minute celebration of my own! A personal ritual! Yes, I think I will do just that!

Have a happy day! Find something to celebrate today!


One response to “Family Celebrations

  1. This is a good reminder. I was very good at celebrating the little things until after I had my 3rd child and post-partum depression and other health issues really spiraled me down and out. It’s coming back to me, but it’s not as natural as it once was. I need reminders. 😉

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