An Abundance of Nature’s Blessings

My sister and I are visiting Seabrook Island, SC. In the past 24 hours we have seen — from our front row seats on the screened porch facing Gator Lake — a fox, ten deer, one big turtle, a house wren who sang for us, four cardinals, a woodpecker, blue jays, crows, squirrels and numerous colorful butterflies. But the biggest thrill for me was seeing the alligators! Our first visitor was a medium sized one. Later we spotted a huge gator a little further down the lake. Today we have enjoyed watching a small gator, obviously a baby or a teenager. The gators are fascinating creatures. We have listened to the sounds of nature and watched patiently for our next visitor. Later as we sat on the beach, we watched seven dolphins, a dozen pelicans, a lone sandpiper, and of course the seagulls. Each creature sighting moved us more into the flow of God’s Divine Order, and to a more restful place inside us. It was as if each visitor brought its own gift of peace. We have moved out of the rat race of everyday life and into a zone of nature. What a joy! We are most thankful for each of our special visitors! And we appreciate being here, on this beautiful island for these few days! This has been an experience of appreciation for the abundance and variety in nature and we are filled with awe and gratitude!


One response to “An Abundance of Nature’s Blessings

  1. Loved this and can just see you two enjoying communing with nature.

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