Gratitude Exercise

In Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach taught us to write down 5 things a day for which we are thankful. I started doing that about four years ago. The simple daily exercise keeps me aware of my immense blessings and I am constantly filled with gratitude. It only takes a few minutes a day and it does change your outlook on life. I write my gratitude list in my prayer journal each day. However, you can do this any way that suits your lifestyle. Many people use a simple gratitude journal. Or you can decorate a simple composition book and use that — or not decorate it. The important thing is to do the exercise every single day. My list often includes the simple things in my life — a warm shower, clean clothes, a safe home.
A friend who was hospitalized and dying from cancer once told me that the thing she missed the most was the feeling of her hands in the warm dishwater. Since that day, I try to be aware – to always be thankful when I am washing dishes. Thankful for the comfort of mundane tasks, the feeling of warm soapy water up to my elbows, thankful that I am able to stand there and wash the dishes.

Today I am especially thankful for my grandson, Zach, who is celebrating his fourth birthday! Happy Birthday, my sweet little Zachary! JJ loves you sooooooo much!


2 responses to “Gratitude Exercise

  1. kate loving shenk

    and i am especially grateful for your contributions here that elevate the vibrations here on beautiful Planet Earth!!!

    Kate Loving Shenk

  2. Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for all the things that we take for granted. i really do not like to do the dishes i too will be thankful that i am able to do them.

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