How To Make Your Imaging Book

Catherine Ponder talks about it, The Secret talks about it, Simple Abundance talks about it — in fact, tons of people are talking about it — your imaging book, your imaging posters, your wheel of fortune. Some use a poster board, some use a book, some use a journal. I will just tell you about my own experience with this process. I have made imaging posters, and I have even made file folders with my imaging pictures inside. But the method that is serving me best is paper a little heavier than typing paper, which I 3-hole punch and place in the back of my prayer journal. Sometimes I cut out pictures and words from magazines, sometimes I use real pictures. One of my favorite pages is my family page. It contains pictures of each member of my family and an affirmation — or a prayer. Other pages include pictures of other folks on my prayer list and a prayer or affirmation. Usually I type and print the affirmation in a large, colored font, so that it is easy for me to read in the early morning. I try to balance my pages, personal wants/needs/goals, family, friends, important quotes I have found on line or in a book and printed out and pasted to a page. Are you getting the idea? I change my pages when they become too familiar or “tired” to me. I enjoy having the pages as a guide to my prayer time.

I have had some exciting results with this prayer method over the years. And my friend has a story no one would believe! lol — but that is for another day! It is as if somehow by creating the pages, we create a mental picture of what we want and impress it upon our subconscious minds — and the universe lines things up to make it happen. One of the most important by-products of the pages for me is on a daily level — if I catch myself with negative thoughts about someone or something, I immediately “see” the picture on my imaging page. It just makes that mental transition from worry to release about 10 times faster!!!!

Is this helpful to you? Do you understand how to begin your imaging pages? Why not start tonight? — make just one page. Try it for 30 days. Take your most pressing problem and create a perfect solution page. I always add “this or something better” to the bottom of my pages and I also add some religious symbol — an angel or something else to remind myself that this is a prayer experience for me.

As with all other ideas you read about, take this one and adapt it to your own life, your own belief system. Create a page that makes you smile when you look at it. And……let me know how you do! I really want to know!


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