Read The Secret, Watch The Secret, Listen to The Secret

For the past six months, I have been reading, listening and watching The Secret — yes, I was so impressed with the movie that I bought the book, and then later even bought the CD’s so I could listen in my car. As a member of a little Unity study/prayer group for the past 20 years, I was already aware of the power of positive thought, and found The Secret to be a help to me in maintaining that awareness. And I am moving forward — this blog is a testament to the lessons I am learning — finally expressing myself for publication, even if on the computer – and having a wonderful time — though honestly sometimes frustrating — learning and growing!

I have many friends who have also embraced The Secret. I also have friends who have reservations about it, or who openly disagree with the concept. To me though, it is simply a matter of including The Secret in my belief system. One concept that The Secret teaches is the use of imaging pages — or looking at pictures of the things you want. I use my imaging pages, which are in a notebook, as my morning prayer guide. I will discuss imaging pages more here at another time — but one of my favorite prayer aids, for sure!


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