Thank a Soldier Today

Take a few minutes today to thank a soldier. It’s a quiet Sunday here in the USA. All is well. What a blessing! The weather is perfect, the golfers are on the golf course, football games are being played, children are out on bicycles, and life is good. We are blessed indeed!
I received this note today from a cousin who is overseas. His note says it all very well. Pray for them all.
The note reads:
dust, dust, dust – microscopic particles that stride right in where sand grains fear the tread .. talc like spoil as light as breath .. comes in through the door, the cracks in the walls, around windows and, I believe up through the floor by way of osmosis .. it thinks it owns this land (come to think of it, it is this land) ..figgers’ it can squat where it pleases .. the most prolific (I think they make babies) product of the Middle East .. and to think, I can’t even send a small pebble home .. less a nuisance than the flies that are coming, but a bother all the same .. this land has its built in plagues .. Who needs Egypt .. I can bring you to the complete package .. and you won’t have to make bricks without straw …

all this, and the winds have yet to come .. good ol’ Iraqi rose (desert tan back home) is the universal color after a slight breeze .. what else do you want to know about this place? .. .. the sun is fierce, the rain is wet .. Americans from all parts of our country are here to keep the events here away from home, ‘n don’t you forget it! .. if you know a soldier, be sure to tell them thanks .. sometimes they feel squeezed into thankless jobs .. I try to thank AT LEAST one a day .. my family, my children, my grandchildren depend on them .. heroes, ALL ..

our water comes from the Euphrates, our courage, dignity, pride, wisdom, understanding, drive, respect, qualities ad infinitum comes from home .. it’ll be so good to bring these qualities back AFTER the job is done.. ..please pardon my rambling .. maybe next time I’ll tell some about this place but I doubt it..
the GOD that dwells here, dwells mainly in our hearts .. the same GOD we have at home .. may HIS will be done…


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