Wear a Purple Bracelet

🙂 I am back to day one. On Sunday night I was challenged to go 21 days without complaining, criticizing or gossiping! What a challenge! The program is called A Complaint Free World and the story has gone around the world fast. People must be starving for ways to improve their lives and their spirits! The bracelets have been featured on Oprah and the Today Show. It works like this — You wear a purple bracelet (free from http://acomplaintfreeworld.org/bracelets/) and when you catch yourself complaining, you have to switch the bracelet to the other arm and start over. and if you catch someone else (also wearing the bracelet) complaining, you are free to remind them, but if you do, you must change your own bracelet first! On Monday morning, I almost got through my first cup of coffee without complaining. and started over! Hopefully I am improving, but I have lost count of the number of times I have moved that bracelet. Scientists have proven that if you get out of the habit of negative thinking, your brain will completely stop producing that kind of thought. Now that sounds wonderful to me! I will continue with my efforts and hope some of you will join me. oh…..and when you actually complete 21 days with no complaining, gossiping or criticizing, please come back to this blog and tell me about it — use the comment section!

P. S. This is a great idea for any club, group, or even young people — and would be a great family project too!

P.S.S. The bracelet program is manned by volunteers and they are far behind trying to fill orders — our group is using a purple potholder loop for our bracelets — a good solution while you wait for your real bracelets to arrive!

UPDATE! October 30, 2007 — Complaint Free World now charges for the bracelets. Visit http://www.complaintfreeworld.biz/ to see their new store. Cost is minimal. Response to the project was far beyond anything they expected.


2 responses to “Wear a Purple Bracelet

  1. Very interesting. I will have to try to do that sometime but not now.lol
    Keep up the great writing. You are amazing! Love you, Nan

  2. My first experience at blogging(if that what it is called). I’ve put “The gospel according to Joan” in my favorites and will look to read more. Great ideas! Till then!!! Eva

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